Appreciative Inquiry

What is appreciative inquiry? Appreciative inquiry is taking the time to think about the world around us to determine what is working and we value. It is a way of focusing on the positives in an organization to help plan for the future. It is a way to helps us think about where we currently … Continue reading Appreciative Inquiry


Working as a State 4-H Ambassador at 4-H Events

As a 4-H Ambassador, you are asked to help with several events from serving as a judge to teaching at project days to helping with registration and the list goes on. So, how does the process of connecting State 4-H Ambassadors with Extension agents or 4-H volunteers that want help help work? First, an Extension … Continue reading Working as a State 4-H Ambassador at 4-H Events

Effective Social Media Use

I know enough about social media to just be a little dangerous.  I want to get better at it but it does take more time than anything.  I have a brother and sister who very successfully have used social media to grow huge businesses through a multilevel marketing company.  Of course they didn’t just post, … Continue reading Effective Social Media Use

Conflict Resolution

When we think about conflict, mostly it brings to mind negative feelings and thoughts. Some of these feelings are anger, distrust, avoidance, anxiety, blame, I’m right – you’re wrong, attacks. But conflict can also bring about positive results if we use it constructively and resolve it for the good of the group. Sometimes we don’t … Continue reading Conflict Resolution